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Beau Wilson



Remember the golden age of Super Mario and N64? Beau "Destinoux" Wilson sure does, and they wanted to capture that pixelated magic for their Twitch stream. My mission? Craft a complete visual overhaul that catapulted Destinoux into the future, while staying true to their nostalgic roots.

Imagine animated alerts buzzing with Super Mario sound effects, scenes inspired by pixelated landscapes, and overlays reminiscent of classic VHS tapes. I designed, animated, and created everything Destinoux needed, from animated Banana Man logos to playful emoji emotes. This wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about building a vibrant community around Destinoux's healthy gamer lifestyle.

This brand overhaul wasn't just a trip down memory lane; it was a powerful upgrade. Join Destinoux's stream and experience the captivating visuals, celebrate a shared love for classic gaming, and embrace the healthy gamer movement - all with a retro twist. Get ready to level up your streaming experience!

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