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James O'Connor

Knights Arena


At the Knights, I initially joined as a media marketing intern and quickly progressed to a fully remote video editor and consultant. My role extended beyond video editing with After Effects and Premiere Pro; I was instrumental in creating comprehensive content plans and proposals that aligned with the Knights' strategic goals. Leveraging tools such as Asana, Google Meet, and Discord, I managed and coordinated content across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Through my efforts, the Knights experienced a substantial increase in their digital metrics. Retention watch time improved by 223%, viewership rose by 132%, and the subscriber count increased by 63% over a period of 90 days. These improvements were the result of meticulous content planning, engaging storytelling, and the strategic use of SEO practices to optimize the Knights' website and content.

In summary, my tenure with the Knights was marked by a comprehensive approach to content creation and management. I not only edited videos but also played a crucial role in strategic content planning, developing MOGRTs, reorganizing content systems, and establishing standard protocols. My contributions significantly enhanced viewer engagement, operational efficiency, and the overall digital presence of the Knights, making it a transformative experience in my career as a digital media professional.

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